Rodan and Fields Scam

Are you online looking for the Rodan and Fields scam claims to determine if the company is legit or not?

Rodan and Fields scam Rodan and Fields Scam or Legitimate CompanyRodan and Fields scam

Have you seen a handful of “Rodan and Fields scam” articles on the internet?

Let’s take a closer look, so you can make your own sound decision on the company that someone could of possibly introduced to you.

A Rodan and Fields Scam?

I know your wondering if this company is legit or not but to relieve your thinking the Rodan and Fields scam claims on the internet are false.  To clear up some of scam rumors for example the company was launched in 2002 by doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields with the vision to bringing dermatology-based skin treatment to everyone.  The brand was originally in high-end department stores but the two doctors decided to take a risky move and take their skincare line out of department stores and sell the line thru the direct sales industry. The company now sales more then ever before by having independent business owners selling the skincare line and it doesn’t seem to be slowing up anytime soon. So as you can see the products are good enough to be in high-end department stores so in no way should the word “scam” be associated with this company in my opinion.

One of the main reasons people consider any network marketing company a scam is because they still have the old school myth of it being a “pyramid scheme” in their head. Most of these individuals never took the time to do any real research on Rodan and Fields or any other company for that matter. Do not get caught up in that old school way of thinking because network marketing has helped and changed so many people’s lives.

No Rodan and Fields Scam But Why Aren’t People Successful?

Most people aren’t successful in Rodan and Fields because they treat the business like a hobby. Network marketing and this company has done amazing things for people so to get the achievements that you are looking for you must think like a true entrepreneur and approach the business like a full time entrepreneur. When you approach and work the business like a hobby you will get results as a hobby. When you change your thinking and really work the business like a true business then you a ready for success.

Another reason people have problems with being successful is because they do not have the right marketing training. This company has the normal industry standard training but not what you truly need to take your business to the next level. Many people quit due to not being able to sell products and recruit other business owners and all that is due to lack of marketing training. You may be asked to create a list of your family and friends but that list will run out eventually and you must figure out away to get past that rough patch and grow your business. Many top income earners in Rodan and Fields learned how to generate leads for their business in which I advise you to do the same and those same top earners never have to worry about any Rodan and Fields scam rumors.

Ok…The Rodan and Fields Scam Claims Are False But How Do I Become Successful In The Business?

So as you already know the Rodan and Fields scam claims are totally false and you now understand why people aren’t successful but you must also understand to become successful in the business you must learn how to market your business.

Marketing isn’t a difficult thing to learn you just have to find a marketing strategy that will work for you and that will allow you to generate leads for your business. Without leads for your business you don’t have a business.

Once, you have a blueprint on how to generate leads for your business you are on your way to a successful business.

Learn more on how to become a succcessful Rodan + Fields Consultant.


Cheers to you and your future successes and endeavors!


- Team iSkin

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